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Training Week in Review

February 26, 2010

This week marks the peak week for marathon training.  I started the training program (via Hal Higdon) in November, which seems like ages ago, but in other ways it has flown by.

This week has been an interesting week for training.  This past weekend I was in Florida for a wedding.  When I bought the plane tickets a few months ago, I immediately checked my training calendar to see how brutal the long run would be.  Luckily the mileage that weekend was a decrease, only 14 miles.  Instead of trying to find a place to run on my own, I decided to register for a half marathon in Ft. Lauderdale.  Not a bad place to race, check out the view from our hotel room.

The race was OK.  It was Sunday morning, so Saturday night it was very hard to hang out with my college friends and not drink.  Also, being used to frigid temperatures throughout most of my training, I completely overdressed and had to take off my jacket and re-do my bib about 2 miles in the race.  The last negative was that I had a blister from my 18 miler the weekend before, and it bled through my shoe!  I felt pretty hardcore, but ended up taking a lot of walking breaks.  I finished in about 2 hours, which is 10 minutes slower than my last half marathon 2 years ago.

On the bright side, it was a great way to start my day.  I got to run along the ocean as the sun came up instead of running through a concrete jungle.  I was done before most of my friends were even awake, and I felt like I earned the food and drinks at the wedding that night.

The rest of this week, I had a 5 mile, 10 mile and 5 mile run back to back.  My blister has pretty much healed so these were great.  This weekend I’m finally running the legendary 20 miler!  I’ve mapped out my route and I’m trying to be more conscious of eating carbs (I’m generally a protein-lover).  Throughout the training, I’ve been nervous about each increasing run but I’m actually excited about this one.  After doing an 18 miler through icy sidewalks I feel like I can do anything!

On a food-related note, sometimes all this running makes me hungry all.the.time.  It can be sort of annoying, especially when I’m stuck at work without any healthy options.  Today’s lunch will hopefully have some staying power:

Last night we had friends over for a make-your-own taco/burrito/salad bar, so I made a salad for lunch with leftovers: romaine lettuce topped with goat cheese, black beans, sauteed veggies, tempeh and salsa.  Delicious!

I haven’t quite figured out exactly the direction this blog is going to go – so bear with me as I figure it all out!

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