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March 5, 2010

The last few days of work have been very stressful. Not being able to run since Tuesday surely hasn’t helped me cope with everything.

Yesterday I made friends with the stationary bike in my office gym. I only could get away from my desk for an hour, so I did a quick thirty minutes + shower.

On the eating front, my hunger has dissipated a bit, but I’m probably eating too much now that my exercising has decreased so drastically. Today I tried to reign it in. I had one of my favorite breakfasts this morning, a spinach and red onion egg white omelet with some part skim mozzarella. All topped with hot sauce.

I used to eat this every morning for breakfast, but less so lately because of having less time in the morning (because of running and the pup) and needing more carbs.

This weekend I’m off to visit a friend in New Hampshire who had a baby about 6 months ago. She is my first friend to have a child and it definitely makes me feel old! I’m planning to get a workout in before I leave today, plus I’m bringing workout gear in the hope that I can fit in a run over the weekend.

Now I will leave you a picture of my precious puppy Leela….happy weekend!

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