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March 8, 2010

First, an update on the leg situation: I can still feel a twinge, even when I just walk on it. So I have an appointment with an orthopedist first thing tomorrow morning. I feel relieved to be getting it looked at! Even if it’s bad news, I am at the point where I need to know now.

My weekend was interesting….while it was great to see my friends, it’s hard to believe how different our lives are. My friend A and I are very similar, and we always have tons of fun together. My other friend S, who had that baby, has a completely new life and at times it felt like she didn’t want us there because she wanted to focus on the baby. There was also tension with her husband. I think he has a bit of social anxiety and didn’t really want us there.

Being around a baby all weekend makes me wonder if my biological clock will ever start ticking. Right now, that life is not at all appealing to me. I want to be able to train for marathons, take trips to Europe, visit friends whenever I want and actually have some money to spend on FUN. Maybe that makes me selfish, but all I know that is that I’m not ready for that life anytime soon.

Also, their eating habits are very different than mine. In fact, I think seeing them eat unhealthy made me eat even healthier than usual this weekend, like I wanted to show them that it’s not that hard and that it can be delicious! I used to eat pizza all the time in college (when we were all best friends hanging out every day) and never eat any veggies. Now I find my body craves about 5 servings of fruits and veggies a day. If I don’t eat enough fruits & veggies, I just don’t feel “right.”

The good news, is especially with my friend A, that even though we have all changed so much we can always remember the good times and make new fun memories every time we see each other.

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