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Can’t hold me down

March 10, 2010

The doctor’s appointment went as well as it possibly could. They did an x-ray and didn’t see any fracture, so it’s most likely bad shin splints. I’m still going to get a full bone scan next week to be safe (stress fractures don’t always show up on x-rays) but I got the green light to run the race! He basically said if I could fight through the pain then I should run the marathon!

After the doctor’s appointment I had a tasting with a caterer. I mentioned that I am married, but our situation is a bit unusual. We got engaged December 30th and immediately knew we didn’t want a big, traditional wedding with all the stress that comes along with it. So we ended up eloping while visiting our friends in Portland, OR. It was the perfect wedding for me and my husband.

Meanwhile, we decided we should still have a party with all our friends and family. The party will be in June. There will be nothing “wedding” about it, just a big celebration with everyone we love! Anyways, the tasting went great and I’m really pumped about the food we are serving.

I waited a few hours for all that food to digest, and then hit the pavement with my dog. We ran an easy 3.3 miles. My leg definitely hurt more after that, but mentally the run felt AMAZING. After running 4 times a week for almost four months, a week of no running is sort of like torture. I can’t wait to get back out there today. Plus the weather is perfect.

10 days till my marathon!!! AHHHHHHHHH!

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