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Rest or run?

March 11, 2010

Injury Update
Yesterday I planned to do a 6 mile run, but after a few miles the pain in my leg was really bothering me so I decided to turn around early and make it four. I finished with 20 minutes on the stationary bike.

I’m really torn about whether or not I should stop running until the marathon. My run on Tuesday (after a week of rest) felt much better than the run on Wednesday. That makes me feel I should rest. On the other hand, I’m hoping that my legs could loosen up with another few runs, plus prepare me mentally for having a much more painful marathon than I had originally planned for. Still, I should probably rest it.

I’m going to NYC tonight. My friend’s bachelorette party weekend starts Friday night, so I am heading up after work and working in our NYC office all day Friday. The hotel we are staying at for the weekend is RIGHT next to Central Park. So I think I will go for a run Saturday morning depending on how my leg feels. For one, it will be an indulgent weekend and I want to ward off any pre-marathon weight gain (even a few pounds could add extra stress to your body). Second, I could make that my last run before the race and take the week off and feel confident.

I decided today to blog my food intake. I will update this section throughout the day.

A little background about my eating habits…I tend to be a grazer, and prefer mini-meals all day long. I try to build my meals around vegetables and lately have cut down on meat A LOT. This was after seeing Food, Inc a few weeks ago. I highly recommend this movie. It’s not trying to turn anyone vegetarian but is extremely informative. Everyone has the right to know where their food comes from and how it’s made.

I started the day with a bowl of Trader Joe’s O’s + skim milk.

Then at work I had a Kashi Granola Bar and yogurt mid-morning.

For lunch I made a small salad: spinach, sprouts and beets with a little Annie’s lite honey mustard dressing. It was my first attempt at cooking beets, and I would say it was a success! I recently bought Mark Bittman’s vegetarian cookbook, and the best part is that he has a long chapter on how to cook every vegetable ever.

Lunch part 2: Soup from Trader Joe’s

The plans for the rest of the afternoon are work, a quick trip home to walk Leela, a workout at the office gym (probably stationary bike + weights), then taking the train up to NYC. All this traveling is exhausting!

Update: I haven’t been able to post any pictures this afternoon. I’m not sure if it’s my computer or the connection or what. Hopefully I will get to post the pics later, but my eats for dinner and the train ride are:
-leftover chicken breast and roasted broccoli with a little brown rice and salsa mixed in
-an apple
-a banana
-red pepper strips

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