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Empire State of Mind

March 12, 2010

I made it to NYC safe and sound last night, but I’m EXHAUSTED right now. I stayed with my friend Deb last night and we ended up staying out later and drinking more than I had anticipated. It was so much fun though and worth the slight hangover I have today. I’m so dehydrated that my fingers are swollen and my rings are a bit uncomfortable. Goals of today: chug water, and get a good chunk of work done so I can leave early and take nap.

Here is the view from the NYC office, pretty sweet:

Also here is a pic of the swanky office I get to sit in today. Not a bad deal:

You may notice the apple and banana in that picture. I like to come prepared.

Tonight we are going to see this musical, go out to dinner, and probably hit some bars. It will just be four of us bridesmaids + the bride. Tomorrow is the big party night though, with a bunch of people coming from out of town. We’ll do a nicer dinner and go to a club. Yes, a club. No, I haven’t been to a club in years because they are not my scene. I am definitely more of a beer + dive bar kind of girl. But anything for the bride, right?

Hopefully the weather clears up. And if my leg feels good I might take it out on a run tomorrow. If I feel ANY discomfort at all, I decided I am not going to run until the marathon (except maybe an two-miler or something a few days before to loosen up). Better safe than sorry.

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