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Black Bean Burgers and Bone Scans

March 16, 2010


Last night the black bean burgers were quasi-successful. I’m going to try to experiment and perfect them before posting the recipe. They fell apart quite a bit and I think it’s because I did not put enough bread crumbs in. Anyways, it still tasted delicious.

I put sprouts, avocado and salsa on the burger.

On the side I had oven roasted sweet potato fries and a spinach + summer squash salad.

Bone Scan

Last night I tossed and turned as I thought about my impending bone scan. On the one hand, my excitement for the marathon has turned to fear. I can’t imagine running through four hours of pain. My hope that the pain will go away by the marathon is fading fast. On the other hand, if it is a stress fracture and I can’t run (not only this weekend, but for 6 weeks or so) I would be heart broken.

This morning I headed out bright and early to Bethesda. I dropped Leela off at my parents’ house and went to the radiology center. During the first stage of the bone scan, they injected me with a tracer and took some pictures with a giant machine as the tracer started circulating through my system. Here is my view during the scan, taken discretely as possible with my phone:

Then I had to leave and return about 1.5 hours later and do the scan again. Here I thought when it was finished I would have some answers. But actually the radiologist sends the pics to my orthopedist and HE has to look at it. I still asked the radiologist if he saw anything and there was a spot on my left leg, and actually a small one on my right leg (the one that does not hurt).

I’m upset that I don’t have an answer yet. If I can’t run the marathon I want to cope and move on. I’m even thinking about some bike races to put on my schedule so I can train for something else asap.

In the meantime, more R.I.C.E. (rest, ice, compression, elevation).

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