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Feeling Down and Out

March 17, 2010

Yesterday was a rough day as I came to terms with the idea that I probably have a stress fracture. It also happened to be beautiful out, so there were tons of runners everywhere. Part of me (the immature part) thought how unfair it was that all of these people got to run in gorgeous, warm temps while I had been outside all winter. I wanted the reward for having endured all those freezing runs.

Keeping the weather in mind is actually helping me make my decision about Saturday though. Last summer, I was sidelined by a sore hip. I do not want to miss another warm season of running. If I do have a stress fracture then I would rather it heal faster than run the marathon and be out all summer.

Anyways, enough stress fracture talk. My appointment with the doctor is Friday morning so there is no sense in fretting over it until then. Cuddling with the pup last night cheered me up…she was exhausted after spending the day with my parents’ dog!

This morning I was excited to get back to riding my bike to work again. It’s sunny and a high of 65* today! I got all ready and headed to the back to pump my bike.

My dad gave me this bike pump that you plug into the cigarette lighter of the car.

Unfortunately, after I had it all set up it turns out this pump does not work for my bike. So that was a disappointment.

My bike is actually a hand me down, it was my grandpa’s and my dad “renovated” it. My dad is a bike fanatic – he owns about 10 bikes that he is constantly tinkering with. He always rode his bike to and from work when I was growing up. He is retired now but is still an avid bike rider and even did a bike ride across the state of Minnesota by himself! That’s over 270 miles. Needless to say he is one of my inspirations to lead an active lifestyle.

Were your parents active growing up? Did they influence your lifestyle?

I should mention that my mom is also fairly active; she plays tennis and bikes on weekends, weather permitting. My brother works out as much as I do, so I would say we were influenced a lot by our parents.

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  1. March 17, 2010 3:05 pm

    I’m sorry to hear about your injury. You’re being really smart and mature about it, though. You’re right, one race isn’t worth months of not being able to run.

    My family wasn’t very active while I was growing up, but when I was a teenager my Dad decided to become a runner. Two years later, he finished his first marathon! He definitely inspired me to start running, too!

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