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Office Gym

March 18, 2010

Today I went at 10 am to the office gym, which is great because it’s completely empty. The “peak” hours are before work, at lunch and after work and on the weekends it’s almost always deserted.

A co-worker of mine once said of this gym wasn’t enough for someone who is “serious about working out.” I personally think that if someone is serious about working out, they can probably fit it in without any of the bells and whistles a gym offers! You can run and bike (usually) without a gym, plus there are plenty of strength exercises that utilize your body weight (lunges, squats, etc). Ok, off my soap box.

The gym has a few weight machines….

An area with free weights, exercise balls and mats…

And several cardio machines.

Today I did the stationary bike, again. Boring! I put on Sports Center on the TV and did a quick 30 minutes. Post-workout glow.

Then I quickly took a shower and half-dried my hair. Today is going to be a busy day at work and I have to try to get home to let the dog out.

Even though this gym is sufficient and convenient, I may join a gym depending on the diagnosis the orthopedist gives me tomorrow. I have some training plans in mind which I will detail once I know my running fate.

Neil is out of town for work, so tonight I’m heading to my parents’ house for help with the dog (so I can rest my leg) and to get my bike pumped up. If I can’t run the marathon Saturday you better believe there will be at least one long bike ride this weekend!


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