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The Verdict is in

March 19, 2010

And I do have a stress fracture in my left leg 😦

The doctor said that the textbook answer is that I should rest immediately, but if that I was really emotionally invested in the race I could take some motrin and fight through the pain. However, I’ve talked to several runners who have done that and it does not sound like a good idea. One of my friends had to run differently to compensate for the fracture and ended up with other injuries.

So it looks like I will be taking two months off from running to let it heal. At the end of May I will get another bone scan to get the green light to run again.

In a situation like this I have to look at the positives:

-I ran 398.7 miles since November and kept my activity up through the harshest winter we have had
-I completed a 20 mile run
-There will be other marathons. I will register for a fall marathon and hopefully complete it! Plus training will be a lot easier over the summer.

I love having a goal to train for when it comes to exercise. That being said, I am deciding between to races on June 27th. I have a wedding June 26th in Delaware, so I have to find out more details on the location beforehand. I’m either going to do a sprint triathlon or a long bike race (mileage to be determined once I have time to write out a training plan).

I’m off to the expo to pick up my goodie bag. I figured I paid $75 so I’m going to get my free stuff. However, I will not wear it until I have finished my first marathon 🙂

I’ll be posting a food diary and other updates later today. TGIF!


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