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Training Schedule

March 20, 2010

Is it crazy to plan out my workouts from now until October 31st??

The answer: yes. But what I put together is just a guide. I’m very flexible when things come up to switch things around.

The reason I have workouts planned until Halloween is that training for the Sprint Tri will start this weekend, until the race on June 27th. Then I’ll start official marathon training June 29th! Don’t worry, the marathon training starts off nice and easy. It’s an 18 week plan that will give my body plenty of time to slowly build up endurance.

The basic schedule for the Sprint Tri, until I can run, is:

Sunday – Swim + lift
Monday – Bike commute
Tuesday – Bike commute + swim
Wednesday – Bike commute + lift
Thursday – Bike commute + extra bike ride
Friday – Bike commute
Saturday – Long bike ride

Keep in mind that the bike commute is not that hard of a ride. It’s only 2.8 miles each way and on the way to work it’s mostly downhill. That being said, if my body can’t keep up (because I will also ride to and from the house at lunch) I will edit this schedule as needed.

Once I can start running, the basic schedule will look like this:

Sunday – Swim + lift
Monday – Bike commute + run
Tuesday – Bike commute + lift
Wednesday – Bike commute + swim
Thursday – Bike commute + run
Friday – Bike commute
Saturday – Long bike ride or Brick workout (depending on the week)

Again, if I find this to be too much I will decrease or change things around. I haven’t put down any hard distances or times for my training. I’m going to listen to my body and increase my workouts by no more than 10% (distance) each week. The thing about the sprint triathlon is that the distances are not very high, so while it might seem like a full schedule it should be doable.

I do hope to get my running endurance up to 8-10 miles before the triathlon. This shouldn’t be too hard because I will have more than 7 weeks. The plan is to start the Hal Higdon intermediate training plan a a few days after the triathlon. I’m going to try to import the calendar onto the blog for everyone to see.

I’m pretty pumped to start tomorrow. And thanks to Suzanne’s suggestion I researched some public pools and there are quite a few you can use in DC for free!

I have been out of town 3 of the last 4 weekends, so I’m excited to enjoy DC’s wonderful weather and get a ton of errands done. It’s actually nice not to plan my weekend around a long run!

Last night I didn’t stay out as long as planned. I went to happy hour and split some appetizers with a co-worker. Neil met up with us and then we went to Bethesda to get the dogs. Unfortunately we couldn’t fit the bike so we’ll have to go back and get that. But the dogs were great company:

This morning I made me and Neil omelets, coffee and toast.

Both were filled with spinach, red onion, mushroom and mozzarella. I cook them differently for each of us. His is cooked in butter, mine is smart balance. His is two eggs, mine is one egg + one egg white. He gets a heaping portion of cheese, I just put a sprinkle on mine. His with regular toast and butter, mine with a Thomas Bagel thin and earth balance. The beauty of omelets is that they are customizable!

Now I’m off to enjoy the weather and hopefully have the most productive weekend EVER!

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