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Back in the Saddle

March 21, 2010

Yesterday was gorgeous weather all day. I was excited that Neil agreed to go on a bike ride with me. We never really exercise together aside from walks and tennis. We have a lot of stories about trying to play tennis in the city but that’s for another time.

Before we left, we went to the dog park and picked up some necessities at Target. It was too hot for the dogs at the park! When we got home they were ready to nap. We did some cleaning and laundry, the usual boring weekend chores. Before we left I fueled with a bean burger and some sauteed mushrooms and zucchini over sprouts:

And I stole a banana once we got to my parents’ house:

Luckily my dad had a bike that worked for Neil. He is 6’3″ and the last time he lent Neil a bike it was uncomfortable for him. I thought I should share a pic of some of my dad’s bikes. It’s funny how into it he is. He is retired so I guess he has time on his hands to tinker with bikes!

The ride was fun but there were was one really tough hill. We rode to Beach Drive, which runs through Rock Creek Park. Parts of the road are closed on the weekends for runners and bike riders. I went here for my 18 mile run back in February, which was great, because most of the sidewalks in the city were still covered in ice but the road was plowed.

I accidentally took us the wrong way though – farther into MD instead of into DC. It was still a nice ride but I wanted to ride where the roads were closed.

It’s amazing that my body could have run 26.2 miles yesterday (aside from the stress fracture, but endurance-wise) but I struggled on that one hill. I actually cheered myself on out loud to make it up the hill! “You can do it”, “come on,” etc. It worked though. We did 10.65 miles in 50 minutes. Here is a pic in front of NIH:

We made the mistake of not bringing water with us. I thought we were going to be able to stop at water fountains in Rock Creek Park, but since I went the wrong way we didn’t pass any. Post work out re-fueling included a G2:

Sweet potato with a half cup of vegetarian baked beans:

And an apple with almond butter:

The rest of the night we took another walk to the dog park, cleaned a little more and relaxed on the couch. I’m feeling a little sick so a low-key weekend was necessary. We did however, drink a bottle of champagne. A great end to a great day! Like my coaster? 😛

Today I’m heading off to try out a high school pool. I’m a little nervous just because I have never been there and I have no idea what it is going to be like. I also don’t have any “real” swim gear so I’ll be out there in my printed two piece. Wish me luck!


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