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March 23, 2010

One of the main reasons I wanted to start a blog is for accountability. Like I said in my training post, I’ve really struggled with regular strength training in the last six months. Last night I was planning on doing some strength training at home, but shortly after I posted I got a call from our friends who were bbqing. Even though I had already ate I wanted to see our friends and catch up. So I decided to postpone lifting for a day and enjoy the great weather and company. An added bonus is that it’s rainy today, so I’m glad I got outside as much as I could yesterday!

It would be easy to skip it altogether, but now that I have this blog I have extra motivation to get my butt down to the office gym before I leave tonight. Thank you blog world! My lifting session was about 25 minutes and focused mostly on upper body moves. I don’t want to put too much weight on my leg so I’m avoiding squats, lunges and leg presses.

Today I rode my bike to work, plus home for lunch (Neil picked me up from work so I left my bike at the office). That adds up to 8.4 miles and about 45 minutes of cardio. Tomorrow I’ll wear my heart rate monitor and Garmin and report all my stats.

Food today was boring so I didn’t take any pictures:
-Egg white omelet with mushrooms, spinach and a piece of whole wheat toast (I think you’ve seen enough pictures of my egg white omelets
-an apple
-leftover Moroccan Stew (tasty but not the most attractive meal to photograph!)
-a piece of toast with a little almond butter
-red pepper slices

I was still hungry so ended up having more than one serving of the stew. I also sipped on some hot decaf tea to stop myself from going to the vending machine at 5 pm. Before Neil picked me up I swung by City Sports and got a bathing suit, swim cap, goggles, new Havianas, and a Clif Bar which we split on the way home.

Dinner was pretty quick. I roasted a bunch of veggies so I could have leftovers for the week, and avoid crazy hunger like I had today. I made kale chips:

Brussel Sprouts:

I also roasted some broccoli. I ate the veggies + a side salad of spinach and sprouts with mango salsa:

And last but not least, a small serving of cheese and spinach tortellini topped with diced tomatoes, and a half of a chicken sausage for protein:

Altogether now…as you can see greens take up most of the plate:

We got pictures from our wedding back today (our friends that were there for our elopement/wedding surprised us with a photographer for our elopement) so tonight I’ll be going through those. Can’t wait!

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