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Sore Arms & Leg

March 24, 2010

When I got the stress fracture diagnosis, the doctor said I would probably be fine bike riding. My leg hurt a bit after all the riding yesterday so I may not be able to do the bike commute everyday like planned. It has been raining since yesterday afternoon, so I probably wouldn’t have been biking much anyway.

My arms were also sore from lifting, but I was happy about that! I love the day-after-weights soreness; it makes me feel like I’m getting results.

After work I walked up to Dupont Circle to get my brows did. Nothing makes a girl feel better than tame eyebrows 🙂

I hopped on the Metro and headed to the pool afterwards. I did 14 lengths (700 meters) in just under 25 minutes. Here is a picture of the awesome pool:

The swim was just OK. My foot kept cramping up and I’m not sure why. It sometimes happens to me after I wear heels but I wore flats today. And it took a while before I got my new goggles just right. And I forgot a towel! Luckily I had some (clean) gym clothes with me to dry off with.

I left the pool and got on a bus that goes from the pool to a block from my house. This is really lucky because there aren’t many cross town buses in DC (more North-South) and this bus only comes every 30 minutes at night and I didn’t have to wait at all. I am a huge dork but I love taking the bus! I had a weird dinner of leftovers: half a cup of couscous, some spinach topped with vegetarian baked beans and kale chips.

Sorry for the short posts today, tomorrow will be better. Now it’s time for Lost!

P.S. I didn’t end up having time to get Ben & Jerrry’s…did anyone take advantage of free cone day?

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