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The best laid plans…

March 24, 2010

Today the sun and warm weather decided to come back. I’m so pumped for this winter to be over. Unfortunately I was stuck inside all day – no time for a lunch break even 😦

This morning I woke up and took the dog to the dog park per usual. When I got home, instead of making my lunch I had to quickly make the batter for oatmeal cookies. Monday was my dad’s birthday and Tuesday was my parents’ anniversary so we have reservations for dinner tonight. My dad’s fave cookies are oatmeal, so I wanted to bring them as a present.

I couldn’t get away from my desk for lunch and was planning on working out after work, before the birthday dinner tonight. However, at 4 pm my stomach started killing. I have a generalized stomach problem – and I get really bad pain and bloating when it kicks in. I have medicine that helps with the pain, but I had left it at home like an idiot. So Neil ended up picking me and I left work early.

I took my meds, and now I’m reading about moving to and trying to rest before dinner. I can’t tell you how annoying it can be to have this stomach problem, but I’ll post about it one day when I’m not in pain!

Tonight we are going to dinner in Cleveland Park at Dino. I’ll write up a review later. And hopefully I will feel better and can do some light strength training tonight.

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