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March 25, 2010

While yesterday didn’t go according to plan, it was great to see my family and have a celebration dinner. My dad turned 67! He doesn’t seem that old though…he’s in great shape and most people are surprised when I say that’s his age. He loved the oatmeal cookies. His mom used to make him oatmeal cookies so I bake them for his birthday every year.

Dino was good, but nothing spectacular. If you are in the Cleveland Park area I would recommend Palena instead, or even the Pho place. Unfortunately I didn’t take many pictures (I’ll work on it – I swear!). I ordered two appetizers: a green garlic soup and baked winter vegetables. They were both really good but I was stuffed to the brim after. I HATE that feeling.

Today will be a much “cleaner” day of eating. I’m thinking of journaling all my food here to keep me accountable. Usually I eat relatively healthy: tons of fruit and veggies, whole grains, beans, not much dairy. But I really want to cut back on processed foods. I have a weakness for the hot cocoa machine in the office and even if I only have it every couple of days it’s completely unnecessary.

Breakfast this morning was spinach, red onion and three scrambed egg whites, topped with Frank’s Red Hot.

When I got to work this morning I went to Starbucks for coffee/gossip with a co-worker. I got my staple – Tall Skinny Vanilla Latte.

Snacks are a cut-up apple and baby carrots.

Lunch was a spinach salad with sprouts, summer squash, zucchini, red pepper and Annie’s dressing…

Plus a Gardenburger for protein…..

and brown rice for carbs.

I really feel the need for exercise today since I hardly had any activity yesterday. Practically the only moving I did was walking to the dog park in the morning and that is NOT enough. I’m hoping to lift during the day and then go for a bike ride or the gym after work. I have a friend visiting this weekend, so I won’t be able to go on a long bike this weekend like I usually do. We’ll probably go to the gym one day though (I love having healthy-minded friends visiting!)

P.S. This post took forever to put up because I couldn’t upload the pics. Does anyone else have this problem with wordpress?? Kept getting error message..grr

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