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Working for the weekend

March 26, 2010

I’m so ready for this day and week to be done. I’m working on a project that gives me a LOT of anxiety. I worked on the first wave of the research last summer…there were a ton of moving pieces and little details to keep track of. I messed up on something and my boss ended up yelling at me, I ended up crying (not in front of him) and it was not a good time. He did end up apologizing but ever since this project started up again I’m freaked out I will make a mistake. Any tips on controlling anxiety in the workplace?

Like I said earlier, I was hungry a lot of the day yesterday so I bulked up my snacks. I packed a cut-up apple,


and a 100-calorie pack of almonds.

Lunch was the same salad from yesterday, and another Gardenburger on an English muffin.

It cleared up this afternoon for a little so I managed to bike home and walk the dog. Luckily I had some extra bike pants in my office, because the pants I wore this morning were still soaked! My shoes were definitely still wet and now my feet are cold. I took the bus back to the office because there is a high probability happy hour is happening after work. Don’t drink and bike, kids.

The plans for the weekend include:

-Happy hour with my co-worker
-Long-ish bike ride Saturday, with a stop at Eastern Market
-Dress shopping for our wedding party
-Planning our honeymoon in Spain (we have the plane tickets but nothing else worked out)
-Putting together a registry
-A trip to home depot
-House clean-up
-Swim on Sunday
-Quality time with Neil and the pup

I will also have to do some serious meal planning for next week because it’s Passover so I can’t eat regular bread, pasta, etc. I’m actually not a religious person at all (I have a tattoo in Hebrew, which is completely against the rules!), but for me being Jewish is more like being Irish or Italian. These traditions are important to me to carry on the culture since there are (relatively) so few of us out there.

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