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Rock Creek Park

March 27, 2010

Last night I drank a bit too much. I had a super mug at Chef Geoff, and a martini and a corona light at Rosa Mexicano. I also got delicious guacamole at Rosa Mexicano. I had fun but I did not get a good night’s sleep (which usually happens when I drink).

Today I woke up early and made a breakfast of a runny egg, an english muffin with provolone and sauteed spinach.

I relaxed/napped on the couch, watching re-runs of crappy TV on soap net (such as One Tree Hill and 90210). I snacked on puffins and edamame.

Once Neil was up and moving we headed to the dog park. Leela enjoyed the sunny weather and a giant stick.

After the dog park I got going on my bike ride. I wore the Garmin and heart rate monitor. Here are my stats:

Distance: 12.46 miles
Time: 55:58
Average speed: 13.3 mph
Average heart rate: 137 bpm
Max heart rate: 183 bpm
Total calories: 872 (not sure if I believe this)

The ride through Rock Creek park was lovely. Tons of people were out biking, running, walking, playing with dogs and having picnics. I was surprised because it was actually chilly out. The beauty of having Rock Creek Park in a city like DC is that you go from this busy atmosphere…

…to feeling like you are in the middle of the wilderness.

It cleared my mind and I felt completely refreshed after.

Now we are heading out to dinner and to a beirut tournament in VA. I’m going to try to keep the drinking to a minimum (and trick Neil into drinking more…muahaha)

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