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Weight Watching

March 29, 2010

I’m in work early for a conference call, so I’m hoping to take a gym break later for some lifting + stationary bike. It’s going to be raining all day so I won’t be able to do my regular bike commute and want to get some extra cardio.

In my “who is liz” page, I talk about losing 10 pounds on Weight Watchers. I also talk about how being on Weight Watchers made me obsessive. I was on Weight Watchers and at my lowest weight for about 2 years (Summer ’06 to December ’08).

I left out some of the issues I’ve had since going off Weight Watchers. Last winter, I struggled with a mild depression. Neil was traveling for work at the time, being on client sites for months at a time. I was much less active than usual last winter and I gained about 10 pounds, very suddenly.

Since then I’ve been focusing on eating as healthy as possible and I’ve been working out more than ever. I actually have kept track of my workouts since 2007 in a google excel sheet (that might sound obsessive, but my job is a data analyst so I really love tracking things like this) so I know that my workouts have increased in time and intensity. I’m confused why I haven’t lost any weight…even when I was training for the marathon I only lost 1-2 pounds!

While I’ve been mindful of my portion sizes (sometimes tracking calories or points to make sure I’m not overeating) I’ve decided now is the time to take real action. Our wedding party is less than 12 weeks away and I want to feel my best when I see all my friends and family members. I’ve decided to start tracking points again. This really isn’t the way I wanted to do it, but mindful eating hasn’t been working for me.

I also have a doctor’s appointment this Friday. I’m going to talk to the doctor and see if I need any tests (a few med school/doctor friends have mentioned I could have a thyroid problem).

It’s hard to say on here that I need help, that I can’t be like other healthy living bloggers and lose weight by mindful, intuitive eating. I’m hoping to lose 5 pounds. When I was my thinnest (10 pounds lighter) I really couldn’t indulge at all to maintain that weight, and I don’t think that is the way to live!

I’ll be posting my point counts at the end of the day and weight losses/gains (but hopefully just losses!) every Monday.

Off to the conference call. Back for the food post later!

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